Saturday, February 18, 2017

New release April 17th, 2017

Charlotte set down the heavy box on the old painted table. She glanced down at her shirt in disgust, trying to wipe away the dust. She looked around. The place was littered with boxes. The furniture had to be older than her mother. Charlotte herself was nearly twenty-four years old. The furniture looked much older than that judging by the peeling paint of the table. She could only hope that paint didn't also contain lead.
Well, there could be no hope for it, beggars couldn't also be choosers, she thought with despair. Especially not her. And more importantly, not right now....
Apparently, her new landlord felt the same way—since the murder next door. She'd been advertising this little upstairs apartment for weeks, now, but she'd said she hadn’t even received a single bite. She'd also said that she would have cleaned the place up, but she could no longer get up the stairs.
Apparently, she hadn’t been able to get up those stairs for years, Charlotte thought, looking around.
She didn’t know how she felt about the murder next door, but she didn’t have much of a choice in that, either. She’d agreed to clean and paint up here, and turn it into an apartment of sorts in exchange for her living there for the next six months.
This would give her a chance to find a decent job. And that's what she needed. Just a chance....